About Me

My name is KaiRen(aka Kyle).

I am graduated from National Taichung University of Science and Technology(NUTC) with a Master’s degree in computer science in the 2016 year.

Currently, I am working as a senior software engineer with inwinSTACK. I was in charge of the system integration with OSS, system design, system implementation, as well as backend development, and have 3+ years of experience with OpenStack, Ceph, and Kubernetes. During this time, I have been designed 10+ Kubernetes cluster and implemented many projects to integrate with Kubernetes for our customer, such as implement customized Kubernetes controller in order to integrate Palo Alto Networks Firewall in TWCC’s AI infrastructure.

Also, I am a contributor to multiple OSS on GitHub including OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Kubeflow. I am also a technical speaker, with experience at technical talks, meetup, and conferences in Taiwan for sharing and discussing everything related to cloud-native. As of today, I had spoken 40+ presentations.

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